“Sadie is a modern day medicine woman. She is grounded in practical knowledge yet carries her healing work beyond the  traditional and into realms that offer potent and real healing to the body, mind and soul.  Sadie is efficient and effective and refreshingly minimalist in her treatment; tuning in to the specific needs of my body rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to her care means that my body gets just what it needs every time. In working with Sadie over time I am beginning to tune in to my needs better so my ability to self regulate and care for my own needs have increased a lot. It’s great to have such a many faceted and soulful facilitator and partner in my healing process. ”

“The help that I have received from Sadie has, literally, been life-changing.  She is intuitive, smart and incredibly knowledgeable.  Her focus and competence are remarkable.  Not only has she been a great help to me; I have referred several of my own clients to her who have also been well supported by Sadie. ”

“In the almost one year I’ve been blessed to work with Dr. Sadie, she has guided my life from lack of health to tremendously improved health, both physically, mentally & in spirit. I can’t express in words my love, gratitude and awe for her gifts to me. They are that great.”

“True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that. So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning. (that they could get, even without the healer, but they can get faster with a healer’s influence)” – Abraham

“Dr. Sadie Rutter has guided, supported and nurtured me to a greater understanding of the wisdom contained in the above quote. Since reading Carolyn Myss decades ago, I have been waiting for a medical intuitive who could work with me and my body. Dr. Sadie Rutter is that person. She is extraordinarily gifted and is gently forthright in her ability to diagnose, treat, and support overall health and wellness. Her knowledge of herbs and supplements is outstanding as is her ability to talk to the body and understand what is best for each individual. I highly recommend her services!!”

“I have been very pleased with the results from my phone appointments with Dr. Sadie for my dogs. She has been able to solve many health issues, as well as personality issues between them. One example of a health issue: my female dog tends to have runny eyes. One of her eyes seemed to be running much more than the other. The same day as our appointment, my dog’s eyes were no longer running and have been fine since.”

“After two years of seeing an arthroscopic surgeon and physical therapist to treat my lower back after being rear ended in my car with minimal relief, I found Dr. Sadie and she healed my back permanently after only three months.  Dr. Sadie has also treated my anxiety without medication, improved my diet and overall mental and physical health.  Dr. Sadie has a rare medical intuitive gift that only a few medical professionals have and I would highly recommend her to better your life.”

“Dr. Sadie is a professional and inspiring physician ~ in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energy realms of healing. She is sensitive to exactly what is needed; is focused, kind, respectful, and clear about how to proceed; and has many therapeutic modalities from which to choose. I especially benefit from and appreciate the energy healing modalities. I also appreciate Dr. Sadie’s warmth and humor and the specific instructions for me to do between consultations to progress my health and well being. We live far apart and work together through phone consultations. I love this system, it works!”

“It has been my great privilege, honor and blessing to be able to work with Dr. Sadie Rutter. I began seeing her upon referral from a friend. I didn’t feel well, in fact I felt awful. Not due to a specific illness, but in general, and was afraid of what could have been wrong with me. Within a couple of months of working with her, I felt like I was getting to be in pretty supreme health. Over time, my health just got better and better. This was not due to just seeing her, it was also due to following her advice in her recommendations for lifestyle changes. They were easy changes which I embraced due to the immediate results of wellness. During that time, the biggest blessing of my life occurred. I became pregnant. I continued to work with Dr. Sadie through my entire pregnancy, wanting to be as healthy as possible for my baby, and also due to the miraculous connection I felt Dr. Sadie provided me with my baby. I feel that I would not have had the connection I had with Eva throughout the entire pregnancy without Dr. Sadie’s beautiful coaching on how to communicate with her and hear her messages to me. It still brings tears of joy to my eyes when I think about every appointment I had when I was pregnant and driving away from the office, feeling like I just had a conversation with my baby and continuing the conversation in the car ride home. After Eva was born, we of course continued to see Dr. Sadie. What an amazing blessing to be able to have a woman that is so tapped into the Wisdom of the Universe work with my daughter that is directly tapped into it as well.

I have since moved to the East Coast and a recent experience can elaborate exactly on Dr. Sadie’s gifts. Eva got sick, really sick. She had hand, foot, mouth and anyone that has been through that knows how awful it is on little ones. A couple of days into it I received an email from Bethany asking me if I’d like to schedule an appointment for Eva. Of course! And, right away please! Bethany let me know Dr. Sadie would try to clear some time for us. The next morning when we woke up, Eva’s spirits were completely recovered. She still had a small fever and all of the blisters but she was acting like her normal, very happy self. I cried tears of relief to see her doing so much better, but I was pretty shocked at the immediate turn around. We went downstairs and checks emails… Dr. Sadie had replied to me that she had done some clearings on Eva the night before that she hoped would help and to let her know if we needed more help. By that afternoon, all of Eva’s symptoms were gone as well. No fever, no blisters, healthy baby! I can honestly say with complete conviction that her recovery was due to Dr. Sadie’s help. It has been a life changing experience for me to work with Dr. Sadie. She is gifted in ways that I do not understand but that I trust in completely.”

“Dr. Sadie is a powerful and transformative healer.  In one long distance session she was able to get to the core of my depression so that I could recognize and then shift blocks that were keeping me stuck in patterns of hopelessness.  In a very non-assuming, yet profound way, Sadie’s wise and gentle techniques transformed my life!  I have been to many practitioners over the years and I can honestly say none have helped me to this same degree.  Dr. Sadie is exceptional.”

“Sadie is phenomenal with animals! We have two large dogs. I first took the one who obviously suffers trauma to see her and she let Sadie touch her all over, even lay spread out on her side relaxed while Sadie worked with her, physically and energetically.

Sadie said we should notice a difference about 2 weeks later, and everyone did. We had a family reunion over a period of several days and instead of freaking out and/or removing herself from the activity, she actually went up and asked Everyone for strokes or cuddles. I even saw a Man rub her up and down her back (whereas she usually will not let anyone touch her that much except for me!). There have been grades of recovery over the past 4 1/2 years, but nothing as dramatic and fast-acting as this.

The other comment I heard a few people who knew our dog say was how much more comfortable she seems in her skin.

For the second treatment, I took both dogs. Our other one operates differently and Sadie communicated with him on those several energetic levels. He is nearly 11 and was attacked by two pitbulls when he was a puppy, but is still the sweetest dog. Sadie helped him to have more Will of his own. She helped him in other ways too.

The next morning, both dogs were running around like puppies, grinning and doing circles!

Our bitch has a double coat and can get very hot. Sadie helped her with her slower blood circulation.

The following week she ran at a continued pace up a steep hill that I had never seen her do previously without having to stop two or three times to lie and rest. She did not even stop at the top! That was a first.

I can see that Sadie has a unique set of skills and perceptions, and that she amalgamates her exceptional gifts with her learning and experience.

We have certainly all greatly benefited from our time with her. Thank you Sadie.”